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They were the first company of their area to move the £2 billion turnover mark. If you pass one thing to someone or move someone one thing, you are taking it in your hand and provides it to them. Past is the corresponding adjective , adverb , preposition , and noun . The affected person had plenty of ache when the kidney stone handed. She passed two other runners simply before the end line. We handed one another within the hallway with out looking up. Stop trying to cross the buck and take accountability for what you did.

She affectionately ruffled his hair along with her hand as she passed. Until the time that his word got here to move, The word of Jehovah tried him. And it came to move after ten days, that the word of Jehovah got here unto Jeremiah. [TRANSITIVE/INTRANSITIVE] He likes to cross the ball to the higher players. Some organizations handed on substantially much less cash to the candidates. Look up PASS, Pass, or cross in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. I handed on going to the film with my associates as a result of I was feeling sick.

However, nicotinic acid a part of Trevaclyn does move into breast milk. However, nicotinic acid a component of Tredaptive does move into breast milk.

There have been two passes and now it is your bid. a navy document granting the right to cross traces or to enter or depart a military or naval base or building.

I suppose that the message has been absolutely understood but I will after all pass it on. Metabolism Nifedipine undergoes a first move metabolism within the liver of %.

By the night, his sickness had passed off and he felt higher. She passed by the hospital on the way in which to the library. He informed her the story, and said in passing that he didn’t fully consider it. The Senate passed the invoice by a vote of seventy-three to twenty-4.

This is a commitment from Commissioner McCreevy that I am happy to pass on to you. If greater than 3 hours pass, discard the reconstituted Betaferon answer and prepare a brand new injection.

move up a chance for promotion; a possibility too good to cross up. Sports A transfer of a ball or puck between teammates. If you move the brand new pictures in the collection, you may miss some excellent ones. They move the library each morning on their approach to school. The boat was too tall to move beneath the bridge. His cooking might pass muster in an costly French restaurant.

a highway, channel, or different technique of passage, as via an obstructed area. cross up, to refuse or neglect to benefit from, as an opportunity. To move an examination or inspection; measure as much as a given standard.

Let one of many college students know, and he’ll cross the information to all the others.

The time has passed quickly → Le temps a moveé rapidement. a passing of the hand over, along, or earlier than something. With more folks passing time within the terminal, airport officers attempt to make them snug.

I will pass on this request, then, Mr Cashman, and the results shall be made identified. Each 12 months some two million items vehicles move through the centre of the town.

Add move to certainly one of your lists below, or create a brand new one. However, nicotinic acid a part of Pelzont does pass into breast milk. To pass these costs on to the buyer could also be a case of diminishing returns. Clearly, I shall pass over the query of the duty for all this. Colecalciferol and some of its energetic metabolites move into breast milk. Iran’s judges routinely cross death sentences on homosexuals and teenagers.

A lot of time has handed since we opened our first store. While we were ready we did the crossword to cross the time. The next two days handed in a whirl of activity.

a road, channel, or other method providing a method of passage, as by way of an obstructed area or different barrier. to throw a ball from one individual to a different, as in a recreation of catch. The firm determined to pass its dividend within the third quarter of the 12 months. His profession high was 118 bases on balls in 1915.

Otherwise your message shall be considered spam. marriage equality on the ballot box in four states in 2012. His spouse’s dying brought to move a change in his perspective toward faith. The candidate may pass as Latino or Anglo, appealing to each constituencies. one passage of a device over work or one passage of labor by way of a machine. the transference or altering of objects by or as by sleight of hand; a manipulation, as of a juggler.

More examples She’s been attempting to move her driving check for six years and she or he’s finally succeeded. The examination is so exhausting that only five % of all candidates cross. Don’t fear, his melancholy is just temporary – it will soon cross. The word within the instance sentence does not match the entry word.

The pilot made a harmful move and managed to land. I wished to get into the office but I did not have a move. Thanks for the invitation, but I’m afraid I’ll need to cross. Once I’m dead, all of this can move onto you, my good friend.

If more than 3 hours cross, discard the medicine and prepare a brand new injection. Roads the place cars might pass are artificially closed with traffic signs or by the placement of flower planters. The discretion of a person maketh him slow to anger; And it’s his glory to move over a transgression. That would imply the tip of the European ideal, and we don’t have the best to let this opportunity move us by. Regulations are far worse than directives as a result of they move into UK legislation and bypass the UK Parliament. We are using the following kind area to detect spammers.

Frequent guests of national forests can lower your expenses by buying an annual cross. Sign in at reception and so they will give you a visitor’s pass. As new digital devices fall in worth, they pass from a niche product to a mass product. All interviewees must pass a primary math and literacy check. We’re in a tough financial situation, however it’ll pass eventually. The kids get bus passes to travel to and from college.

The child passed on the chilly to the entire family. Don’t go to work with a foul cold, or you’ll move it on to everyone else. Please pass on any important data to me. She refused to pass on Ted, so he won’t be appointed. The committee passed on the proposal, so work can now start. I passed the child on to the next admiring relative. My grandfather handed his document assortment on to me as a result of he knew I loved old music.

They gave me a backstage pass and I met some of the actors. All passengers would require a boarding cross and a legitimate passport. More examples Annie’s the film critic for the local radio station, so she’s received a free move for all of the cinemas within the area. My guest cross allows me to use the membership’s facilities free of charge. Another sloppy pass like that may lose them the whole match. After all his hard work, he actually ought to cross his exams.

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